I'm Andie

I'm a UI/UX designer working to help technology reach its full potential through human centered design.


Hi, I’m Andie, a user interface designer interested in helping technology reach its full potential through human centered design. My belief that advanced technology is a luxury has inspired me to create frustration-free user experiences through visual design. I ground my process in cognitive and social psychology to make nuanced interface design decisions that work to augment the way humans interact with technology, not complicate it.

I currently working for Sony Music Entertainment as an Associate Product Designer.


I recently completed Flatiron School’s UX/UI Design program which allowed me to build skills and gain real world experience in the design industry. Before pursuing design, I studied Psychology where I was able to cultivate my interest in human cognition and behavior. Beyond academics, I gained research and work experience focused on optimizing psychological well-being. After graduation, I sought career options suited to my academic curiosities and long time artistic passions. That’s when UI/UX design caught my eye. Check out my resumé to learn more!


I grew up on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, but my parents made travel a priority in our lives, sparking my insatiable curiosity and passion for new experiences. In my free time, you can find me sautéing brussels sprouts and enjoying all the other great things in life like hi-fi music, scuba diving, travel, and thinking about stuff.

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